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Technical Test Server

Play on the Rainbow Six: Siege Technical Test Server!

Thank you for helping us by participating in the Technical Test Server! We are excited to get your feedback on what is coming to Rainbow Six Siege.   

The Technical Test Server will be available on April 5th at 5:00PM to April 7th at 5:00PM UTC. 

We understand that getting early access to content is exciting, but please keep in mind that the purpose of the Technical Test Server is to locate bugs and issues as quickly as possible. With that in mind, please submit a report of any connectivity bugs you find here: [Bug Report Ticket]

In addition to reporting connectivity bugs through the Customer Support ticket system, we encourage you to join the discussion to provide feedback about the Technical Test Server player experience on the /r/Rainbow6TTS.

You able to preload the Technical Test Server client right now! We recommend you begin the preload process to ensure you are ready to go as soon as the server comes online. Once the preload is live, you will be able to find it listed as "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test Server" in the Uplay PC client.

If you have any further questions about the Technical Test Server, please refer to the FAQ, found here.